An assessment is the first step in determining how we can help you or your child. Book a free assessment today!

We teach reading from its basic requirements of sound/letter correspondence through to word attack and comprehension skills as ideas become more complex. We move on to spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, word skills, and writing to develop a well-rounded approach to the broad subject of English.

With mathematics, we start at gaps found during the free assessment. We improve skills in tables, number facts, number bonds, and general algorithmic arithmetic as a base from which to build more the complex mathematical ideas behind fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra, graphs, geometry, statistics and probability, and general problem-solving.




We offer classes in 1 hour 20 minute sessions.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs:  3:40PM – 5:00PM  & 5:15PM – 6:35PM


Our fees are:

Juniors (up to Y10): $55 per session (GST inc.) – 4 students maximum per class.

Seniors(Y11 up): $60 per session (GST inc.) – 3 students maximum per class.

We also teach individuals for $70 (GST inc.) per hour if required.


Contact us with any questions. However, we could answer them all during the free assessment.