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We offer tuition support to students with all kinds of learning disabilities.

We screen for Irlen Syndrome – a visual perception problem which makes it difficult to read for more than a very short time. We then refer on to an Irlen diagnostician, for analysis and fitting of filters.

For students with a Dyslexic profile we can offer the Cellfield Intervention to “rewire” the brain to read more efficiently.

Our services can also benefit students with Dyscalculia – a major difficulty in working with numbers.

We work to support students and parents living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our services can also benefit students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.


We offer classes in 1 hour 20 minute sessions.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs:  3:40PM – 5:00PM  & 5:15PM – 6:35PM


Our fees are:

Juniors (up to Y10): $55 per session (GST inc.) – 4 students maximum per class.

Seniors(Y11 up): $60 per session (GST inc.) – 3 students maximum per class.

We also teach individuals for $70 (GST inc.) per hour if required.


Contact us with any questions. However, we could answer them all during the free assessment.