An assessment is the first step in determining how we can help you or your child. Book a free assessment today!

We offer tuition support to students with all kinds of learning disabilities.

We offer a service to screen for Irlen Syndrome – a visual perception problem which makes it difficult to read for more than a very short time.

For students with a Dyslexic profile we can also offer the Cellfield Intervention to “rewire” the brain to read more efficiently.


We offer classes in 1 hour 20 minute sessions.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs:  3:40PM – 5:00PM  & 5:15PM – 6:35PM


Our fees are:

Juniors (up to Y10): $50 per session (GST inc.) – 4 students maximum per class.

Seniors(Y11 up): $55 per session (GST inc.) – 3 students maximum per class.

We also teach individuals for $65 (GST inc.) per hour if required.


Contact us with any questions. However, we could answer them all during the free assessment.